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Dog Walking

Exercise to suit your Dogs

Taking the dog for a walk

All dogs need regular exercise to remain happy and healthy.

We work with you to find out what they need, build a profile on your dog and then tailor a dog walking programme to suit your best friend.

The programme may include:

  • Exercise – walking

  • Different distances

  •  Different times in the day

  • A variety of terrains

  • On or off the lead

  • Socialisation – regular walking with other dogs

  • Exercise- throw, catch and fetch

  • Garden play

Dog Exercise Prices
Half an hour garden play- £6
Hour Walk- £10 for one dog (additional dogs from same household charged at
£5 per dog if dogs walked at same time)

(Get in touch with Braw Pets if you have different requirements and you would
like a different idea of cost)

After your dogs have been exercised they will be returned to their area of the house and given fresh water.

We'll provide, if required, regular rest easy text or email updates so you can relax
and enjoy your time away. Plus, you will have the security of having someone on your property while you are away checking everything is okay.

Braw Pets will leave a note to let you know how your pets were when they were
visited and will contact you immediately in an emergency.

If owners cannot be contacted Braw Pets will seek veterinary advice and will ask your permission to do so before looking after your pet.

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